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Two years ago CoRe SimRacing launched an absolute top series which established itself to one of the most competitive racing series on the iRacing service: The Sports Car Open (SCO). Based on this great success and their strong experience CoRe now organizes a follow-up series, the SCO GT Series. Five races from April to August 2019 will bring 22 hours of top class endurance racing. The most interesting aspect of SCO GTS is their newly introduced PRO/AM system for GT3 class: Pro class drivers and Amateur drivers are technically racing in the same class (GT3) but fight for two different championships and a second class (Porsche 911 GT3 Cup) will spice up things even more! All races will be broadcasted by Racespot TV and the iRacing eSports Network.

Team RSO #97 – Audi RSO8 LMS GT3

Fahrer: Angelo | Cedrik | Nils L. | Tino | Rene | Tobias Grabbag in GT3 PRO class

It’s going to be an interesting journey for our #97 PRO class entry: Angie, Ceddy, Nils L., Tino, René and Tobi will share duties over the course of the season. As the races are four respectively six hours long, each weekend will feature a maximum of two or three drivers. Therefore, we might see five different lineups over the season which makes it difficult to define any expectations. However, it will be interesting how our #97 Audi RSO8 LMS GT3 will show off. In a field full of top class opponents, like Biela Racing Team, Torrent Motorsport, Radicals Online or Williams JIM Esports we’ll have to show five troublefree races to compete for more than individual race success, but we are very confident to set some highlights and sure, we’ll enjoy the racing!

Team RSO #197 – Audi RSO8 LMS GT3

Fahrer: Nils C. | Manuel W. | Stephan | Manuel S. | Patrick | Markus Are you amateur enough?

The second RSO entry will compete in SCO’s AM category and might be a car to watch. With Manuel², Stephan, Nils C., Patrick and Markus sharing the wheel over the season, our lineup for the #197 car is just enough to sign up in AM category. When it comes down to validate possible championship ambitions, on the first sight one would count #197 into the ambit of hopeful candidates. But there is one important factor spicing up all these predictions: PRO and AM category are racing in the same class and will be mixed. This might give every slight mistake and every outstanding performance more weight than usual. Furthermore, AM category is not as amateur as it seems to be, with teams like Geodesic Racing, Vib3sports or Huber Racing entering competition, too.

Saison progress and results

Season progress
 4h of Road America4h of Imola4h of Philipp Island4h of Donnington Park6h of the Oak Tree
Q - GT3 / ClassR - GT3 / ClassQ - GT3 / ClassR - GT3 / ClassQ - GT3 / ClassR - GT3 / ClassQ - GT3 / ClassR - GT3 / ClassQ - GT3 / ClassR - GT3 / Class
#97 - Pro9 / 822 / 1217 / 147/711/818/1117/116/36/64/4
#197 - Am8 / 16 / 112 / 211/214/513/515/54/27/17/3

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Sports Car Open GT Series – Round 1

[Playmouth, WI] – Ups and downs during the first round of the all new Sports Car Open GT Series at Road America: While our #97-PRO got unluckily involved in the start chaos, our #197-AM car finished P6 overall and took home what was a dominant win in Amateurclass!

A nervous start into the four hours season opener caused early trouble for the amzingly competitive field of 48 cars. After a satisfying qualifying performance, #197 started in P8 overall with its #97 sister car sitting behind in P9. A touch between the Radicals Online and Williams JIM Ξsports cars sent the Radicals car across the track during the start, hitting our #97 after only a couple of corners. That dropped our PRO-class entry far back.

Meanwhile our #197 car with Manuel behind the wheel showed good pace and moved forward to P5 overall. In a thrilling and clean fight with Satellite Racing, Racekraft Engineering and Williams JIM Ξsports positions changed multiple times and over the progress of the race, Stephan and Manuel secured P6. Ceddy and Nils fought back with their damaged #97 car to a good P22 overall and P12 in class, which is some points for the PRO-standings at least. Despite unlucky #97, P6 overall and a clean AM-class win are an awesome result for our #197. We can’t wait for round two of this great series, end of May. The SCOGT teams will then head to beautiful Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola for the 4 hours of Imola.

#97 stormed from P17 in qualifying to a decent P7 afer 4 hours

Sports Car Open GT Series – Round 2

[Imola, IT] – Wow, that was a though race! After a medium qualifying our cars started outside the top 10, but our #97 come home in P7 while our #197 managed to recover from a heavy crash to secure P11 overall and P2 in class!

During qualifying, Manuel W. showed a decent pace and qualified P12 overall and P2 in class. Our PRO class contender struggled a bit and only started P17. After a respectful start, race heated up after 20 minutes and drivers became racy. After a nice start our #197 was battling clean and competitive versus Torrent Motorsports and both entertained the audience well. Our #97 was sitting right behind and both RSO cars worked their way further up the field.

At halftime both cars established well inside the top 10. Different to some teams, both our cars opted to doublestint their tyres and gained more spots. When Ceddy and Stephan switched into the car, both circulated cleanly arount the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola, sitting in P6 and P7. #197 was in a tensioning battle for the AM class lead when a lapped Porsche turned into our car and crashed us off track. With heavy damage, Stephan continued his drive anyway and recovered well. In the end, he came home just outside the top 10 on P11 but also on a great P2 in AM class. Meanhwile Ceddy showed a great drive, enjoyed a tough battle with Williams JIM Ξsports and finished on a good P7 overall! With that result, #97 made up good ground in the SCO GTS standings while #197 cements its lead in the AM category!.

#197 won the AM class in round 1

Sports Car Open GT Series – Round 3

[Phillip Island, AUS] – We kind of handled the chaos at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit yesterday in the third round of the Sports Car Open GT Series by CoRe SimRacing. However, a very eventful race didn’t go too well for us, with our #197 AM class leader finishing 5th in class and our PRO entry finish in P11 in its class.

The difficult highspeed circuit delivered in qualifying already with the top 20 within one second only. Our #97 PRO car qualified P11 overall with #197 close to follow in P14. The good position was pulverized at the start already: a bloody jump start in the back of the field brought chaos and both our cars where involved. Nils L. was touched by a Mercedes, brilliantly saving his car to at least stay in P15 overall. This Mercedes was then spinning all across the track, forcing our #197 to escape an accident over the grass, only to make the slightest of contact with Vib3sports – Team’s Mercedes when rejoining the track. This then caused more drama in T2 and resulted in an appropiate Drive Through Penalty for #197 ‘causing a collision’. Uff…

Well, that dropped #197 a long way back to P23 and P9 in class. With impressive speed and consequent manouvres #197 could reel back in some spots for damage control in the championship. On its ‘recovery journey’ #197 was involved in another incident, which saw us penalized again, when #197 was missing it’s apex by 1m, hindering an opponent to turn in. What is ‘normal’ in real racing, is more problematic in SimRacing, as 360°-overview in the car is limited; that’s what spotters are for and probably, that second drive through was a very, very hard call from the stewards, as the opponent lost nothing but one spot.

After these very intense first 20 minutes of the race, Nils C. and Manuel ‘disappeared’ from the race action and simply drove their race, without anything off plan. The many accidents and issues around the circuit helped us a bit to recover to a good P13 overall and P5 in class for #197.

#97’s race meanwhile was almost the opposite. After his brilliant save in T1, Nils L. and Tobi did their best to work their way back into the top 10. Just when Tobi was out of the car after his first stint, he suffered a power blackout at his house and couldn’t do anything to drive again, as planned. Nils L. therefore had to finish the race now but also was hit by fortune when he got disconnected from the server with 20 minutes to go. P18 overall and P11 in class is it in the end…quite disappointing.

Top 5 for #197 after a strong recovery

Sports Car Open GT Series – Round 4

[Leicestershire, UK] – That was a strange race indeed: After four hours of intense multiclass racing at the Donnington Park Race Circuit our #97 PRO class entry finished on P6 overall; however this was enough to claim a brilliant podium position in its class. Our #197 finished in P4 overall and P2 in its class!

The qualifying saw a close field of competition: only margins were decisive over the starting positions and our two Audi RSO8 LMS GT3s qualified in P17 (#97) and P15 (#197)…midflied again! Round 3 saw a very hectic start already and it wasn’t better yesterday. Soon both cars found themselves in a close escape situation in turn 1 and only *just* could avoid drama when several cars crashed after going three wide into T1. This scene is worth mentionable as it cost us a better result in the end: #197 was claimed by the race stewards to have started the trouble and punished #197 with another drive trough (after 1,5 hours into the race!). The penalty was quite controversial as #197 had no contact and anyway nowhere to go when the Mercedes crossed the line. The penalty was a major setback, as Manuel W. showed a great start and first stint, working his way up patiently to P6 already when the penalty hurt us. #197 dropped back to P10 overall and that’s pretty much where Manuel handed the car over to Stephan.

Meanwihle, Angelo was following the sistercar closely during the first hour. Sadly, he had to take three heavy contacts from behind during the first three hours, two of which caused spins and relevant time lost. That dropped #97 back, too before Ceddy took over and started a strong recovery drive.

In the end #97 could climb as high as P6 and overtaking the CoRe SimRacing PRO entry for podium in its class, with 10 minutes to go. Finally, a decent result but due to the many contacts and spins it feels weird. Stephan meanwhile showed an incredible strong performance. After the penalty he worked his way back up to P4 overall and P2 in AM class. While doing so, he had to save fuel also, as the leading car was super close to the tipping point for another lap to go. Therefore, nothing he could do to seriously challenge Huber Racing E-Sports who took a clean win in AM category – congratulations! 🙂

P2 in class made us maintain our AM lead in the standings but the finale a couple of weeks is mighty close now: Huber Racing E-Sports sits in P2 now and the math is simple: whoever finishes better at VIRginia International Raceway will claim the title – six hours will decide over this!

Podium for #97 in AM class at Donnington

Sports Car Open GT Series – Round 5

First things first: congratulations to a well deserved AM champion in GT3 @Huber Racing E-Sports! In a thrilling finale, they continued their strong run and claimed P2 in class ahead of our #197 challenger.

But WOW, what a finale that was! Can you imagine an endurance series with a total of 22 hours of racing and the championship is decided by a margin of 0.5 seconds, in the last race, in the last lap? Well, that’s what just happend! Well played CoRe SimRacing aka. Hitchcock SimRacing!

Our #197 did a good job in qualifying on a bruning hot track (54°C) and claimed P7 overall and pole in AM class just behind our #97 in P6 overall. At the start #197 jumped #97 with Manuel W. behind the wheel and build a good advantage over Huber’s #111. After 42 minutes our drama startet: Manuel suddenly hat connection issues with heavy freezes and nearly lost the car. Luckily, this happend just before the pit entry and he decided correctly to pit. Stephan hecticly jumped in the car and did a stunning double stint. However, now we had to save fuel for the rest of the race to reel in the 20 minutes short on strategy. Additionally, stopping earlier than the field threw us back into traffic every time and we lost lots of time.

Despite the clean, faster and incredibly strong drive of Manuel² and Stephan, after the final pitstop we fell 5 seconds behind Huber, on a track where overtacking is almost impossible. Stephan drove his heart out to catch the back of our rivals with one lap to go! 0.5 seconds behind and no real opportunity to attack – that’s what was the difference in the championship. P7 overall and P3 in class was not enough to crown a strong season and great show of our AM entry!

Strong – That’s how our #97 ended its season after lots of trouble in the first three races: an errorfree and convincing drive of Ceddy and Nils secured them P4 overall and in class! After losing two spots at the start, both fought their way back to finish inside the top 5.

0.5 seconds behind the AM-champions decided over the title

About the SCO GT Series

The 4 hours of Road America will kick-off the premier SCO GT Series season by April 27th. The season will continue with the 4 hours of Imola on May 25th and will then continue it’s tour with the 4 hours race of Philipp Island on June 29th. Round four will be held on July 27th with the 4 hours of Donnington before the grand finale will last 6 hours and take us to the not so well-known Virgina International Raceway.

Even though, the SCO GT Series heads into its premier season, it can be expected to be a top class competition. With all their experience from organizing professional SimRacing leagues, CoRe SimRacing will now offer a quite unique concept. Two classes and one of them further divided with the PRO/AM system will contribute to some exciting races. The slowest class offers the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car; the choice of the official iRacing World Cup car promises close racing. The GT3 class will give teams the choice on any of the iRacing GT3 cars, with Rennsport Online opting for the Audi RSO8 LMS GT3. However, GT3 class will see PRO and Amateur racing. AM teams require to sign in with drivers who never exceeded the limit of 5.000 iRating at any point in their career. Hence, this series will also give some nice indicators on how representative iRating really is but also give a fair chance for everyone to realisticly fight for a championship. For sure, SCO GT series season one is a promise already. Let’s get it on! For more information, visit the official homepage of the SCO GT series: